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About us

We are an online shop raising money for The Large Breed Dog Rescue. 100% of profits go to the rescue. 

The Large Breed Dog Rescue (also known as LBDR) is a small charity that as the name implies takes in & rehomes large breed dogs & large cross breeds. We are based in Kent but we will rehome to England, Scotland and Wales.

The Large Breed Dog Rescue is run by a group of very special people that volunteer to help with everything from admin to fundraising, dog walking to cleaning out kennels, fostering to transporting & so much more. Without their help & unwavering support the Large Breed Dog Rescue would not exist & we would not be able to help the gorgeous dogs that come into our care, together we all make up the Large Breed Dog Rescue & we are very much a team.

We all do the work within the rescue on a voluntary basis & all donations are put back into the rescue so that we can continue to help dogs in need.

We have a strict non destruct policy & never put a dog down unless advised by a vet due to ill heath. We neuter, vaccinate & microchip ALL dogs before rehoming them, many dogs come to us after they have been abused, mistreated or simply had no training at all so we will always take the time to rehabilitate & restore trust in the human race for any dog that needs it.

All potential homes are vetted, we do follow up checks once the dog has gone to its forever home & give lifetime back up should there ever be a problem. We try our very best to match the right home to the right dog, we want all our dogs to live long & happy lives in their new homes but if needed we are always available for help & advice, if for any reason the new family cannot keep & care for the dog any longer we always take the dog back.

LBDR is a registered charity, No.1154504